Gavan Dynamic! [part one of ???]

Today, as Ice Cube would say, was a good day. I finally got my Space Sheriff Spirits game in the mail. Any later and we’d all be stuck in Maku Space with no one to blame but the US Post Office and those cute little trucks they drive. As much as I’d love to say that I bought an import PS2 for “Platinum Hits” like Zombie Vs. Ambulance and Chikyuu Boeigun 2, I can now step out of denial and into the proud, looming shadow of Self-Satisfaction.

So begins my multi-part coverage of the intricate and, well, dynamic world of Space Sheriff Spirits, in which you get all Captain N with some of Gavan and Friend’s greatest episodes. That’s right folks, toe-to-toe with Double Monsters and ass-to-mouth with Don Horror himself.

Throughout this epic series (so epic, in fact, that you’ll note the length of said coverage has yet to be determined), I’ll be scanning in almost every page of the exciting bonus booklet the game came with, culminating in a full-on translation of the intense comic within the page’s confines!

Let’s get started. Keep in mind, this booklet is tiny, so these are about as nice as the scans are gonna get:


Click on the thumbs and you’ll be taken to Flickr, where you can enlarge them to their max size.

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