It Won the Oscar… for Best Movie Ever Made

Thursday night 10:30 Snakes on a Plane showing in Louisville, Kentucky. For tonight, suburban doodoo-plex Tinseltown transformed into a theater in (white) Harlem. It was a boombox and twenty-five black people away from being a scene out of Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon. Any other movie and it wouldn’t have flown, but this one made me want to bust out the popcorn chopsticks.

It’s exactly what you expected it to be. I’m sure Ronny Yu’s version would have been a riot, but David R. Ellis running shit isn’t a bad thing. Final Destination 2 had some of the best individual death scenes since the first couple of Omen flicks, and Snakes on a Plane has enough wild and ridiculous deaths to keep you rolling in the aisles.

Good news: they play the retarded story out with straight faces. They even threw David Koechner in there for good measure. This movie will probably lose something away from a room full of morons and a large Coke loaded with liquor, but why bother any other way?

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