The Emperor’s New Throne

I’ll admit it, I’m a complete savage. For someone that spends a lot of time working (read: jacking off) and playing (read: jacking off) at his computer desk, I’ve been spending the last couple of years doing so in a chair straight out of a prison flick. Hard, wooden, and not afraid to be turned on its top and sat on, I think it was making getting stuff done in here both more difficult and less erotic than it should have been.

So, I decided to get an office chair today. Not just an office chair, but an executive office chair. Now I have some semblance of fabricated authority when asking my mom for a milkshake, or telling my dog to get out of my room. For your enjoyment, I’ve included a picture of the new throne, which I took from the box and put together with my blood, sweat, and the tiny allen wrench enclosed therein.

Far be it from me to not also brighten your day with another clipping from the Galactic Ghetto Sketchbook®. This one shows our hero Pat Sanders in his most notorious of environs: The Dungeon (R.I.P.).

Like the others, this is dated to 200x, roughly. Probably around ’02.


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