Quitting Time

Well, it’s been fun, but Edison Chen’s blog is the winner, so it’s time we all just stopped. I love how it reads like a 15 year-old’s cellphone text message.

Essential Quote: a random pic i came across
CHEWBACCA throwing a pitch to a EWOK
for ur viewing pleasure
people drag this and put it in ya photo archive
shit is sweet……………..

Is he right, folks?

Now for the SAD NEWS. I know that America cast their votes, and everyone pulled for the Best Movie Ever to win, but TRANSPORTAL did not win the 48 Hour Film Project!

Wear black today.

3 thoughts on “Quitting Time

  1. i will go the the DOORSTEPS of the house of the 48hour film festival and DOUSE MYSELF IN GASOLINE AND SET MYSELF ON FIRE IN PROTEST!!! And by set myself on fire I mean shake my fist with passion after I finish typing this sentence.

  2. Why don’t you quit making posts of faggy looking foreigners and update your blog with something more in line with your “American Comicker” moniker?Dickweed.

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