The Farts of a Fairy

I’m sure this thing is old as dirt but, after careful consideration, I have decided that this is the Perfect Video†. Not only is it well-paced and full of surprises, but it takes our unlikely protagonist on the complete Hero’s Journey, from the first act to the thrilling conclusion.

I don’t care if you’ve seen it a million times. Have you really seen it?

For those with further interest in the subject, I consider the runner-up to this title to be the last video posted on Mr. Black’s weblog.

3 thoughts on “The Farts of a Fairy

  1. That pretty much made my morning. Funny on so many levels. Just when it doesn’t seem like it can get any funnier… then he just gives up, lights a smoke, and waits for the cops.I can’t believe the spills that dude took. -Booty

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