7 Days of Christmas: Day Three

This one’s not too hard. Kind of creepy, though, in a mugshot sort of way.


10 thoughts on “7 Days of Christmas: Day Three

  1. Oh shit! Looks like we have a special situation here. This is how it works:Wes will indeed be depicted meeting Slamm, as all of North America desires to do, whereas Nugget will receive a special prize drawing of himself sucking Slamm’s ding dong.

  2. You bofe rong, shits kalled Avoyed The Noyed dont care what it sayz on the bocks cant read good no ways. You all shut up or I gonna use yous as one of them ching chong finger handkuffs.Happy Holidays with love and kisses,T-Bo, ruler of N-Town

  3. Well, well, well. Did my self a search for “stupid niggers who can’t read”, and look what the cat drug in. T-Bo, ruler of N-Town, more like T-Bo, ruler of a lil’ tar pit, filled with naked old niggas suckin’ his dick. Kiss my ass, you stupid motherfuckers,- Allouicious Jones

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