An Eternal Fart in the Butt of Biollante

The contents of a man’s wallet is said to speak volumes of his character. Mine weaves a tale of adventurous exploits and impromptu derring-do!

Here are some gems plucked during its cleaning that, once mined from the dark canals of my wallet, are now deemed national treasures.

Click for increased clarity

Clockwise from top to bottom:

1) Slightly erotic (?) Slam Dunk holographic card. That title looks weird now without the crucial second M.

2) Some backstory. About 5 years ago, when I should have been book-learning, I left my NES on for two days straight playing Data East’s meisterwerk, Rampage. I wrote my score down and it’s been gaining age (and value!) behind my debit card ever since.

3) Supercuts card. I never got enough cuts there to be awarded their most excellent bonus cut.

4) My Beautiful Men’s Club card, created around 199x.

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