One Last Fuck-up for ’06

I’ll admit it, I fucked my template up something nasty. I switched my blogger from its current setup to the new one that allows signing in with your gmail account, and a host of new features that sounded “neat.”

I decided to check out what some of the other templates would look like and, to be safe, copied my reigning champion layout into a text file. After some experimenting, I came to the conclusion that my blog looked fine as is, and pasted my old template back into its proper location.

No dice. It wouldn’t work at all. Being no goddamn scientist, I gave up after mentally wrestling with it for a few minutes, which is comparable to a child slamming the triangular peg into the circle. I Hope it’s not too much of an eyesore for you guys.

At least it isn’t pink, right?

5 thoughts on “One Last Fuck-up for ’06

  1. Despite being a cosmetic cesspool, your blog is clearly rich in bad taste, retarded fucking humor and jerkish sarcasm.And that’s why I love it and why i will continue to love it…even if you decide to go pink…homo.

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