Is He Right, Folks? – part one

This time last year, the collective writers, myself included, over at Got Next were asked to post our year in review top fives and thoughts on the coming year. This was mine. Looking back, I played it pretty safe, like a 5¢ Nostradamus proclaiming “you will eventually die.”

I think we’ll all see this new year as a milestone for gaming; a year that will answer the countless questions surrounding Sony and Nintendo’s hands and how they plan to deal them out. I also think we’ll see more of the 360’s magic once it really makes itself comfortable. Don’t get down if your pockets aren’t ready for war, though. Last I checked, PS2 and co. still had a strong pulse with some promising titles looking to flow in the bloodstream. Enjoy it while it lasts and get ready to soak in the next generation, kiddos.

In other news: humans will continue to exist in 2006 and the selling of toasters will commence for the foreseeable future.

In the next post, I’ll throw down the 2007 prediction, which has yet to be posted on the GN site.

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