When I Say Bleach, I Don’t Mean The Shitty Cartoon

I’ve been talking up and looking forward to Lost Planet since I first played that demo that hit OXM and Live marketplace last year, and I’ll admit that some of the mixed reviews made me a little anxious. First, Famitsu hit with a really generous score, 46/50 I think. Now we all know Japanese people like jumping on things and selecting words from menus more than shooting people and blowing things up, so this was a pretty good sign of things to come.

Then came the US internetters and newstanders, some of which are consistently guilty of picking shit apart so they seem… harsh? I don’t know. Whatever the reason, I sometimes notice nitpicking in games with nits that don’t deserve so much picking (Yoshi’s Island DS, for instance).

Anyway, Lost Planet is awesome. It looks amazing, and plays, despite controls that could use some better mapping, like a sub-zero action movie (I hope someone at Midway or New Line reads my blog and takes a note on that last sentence). I haven’t tried out the multiplayer yet, but I did attempt to join a match last night before the host dropped it. If anything, it seems like it might end up being pretty short. If the powers of the Kentucky Tavern spirits and some mud butt hadn’t conspired to stop me, I might have cleared the majority of the levels last night.

Enough fun for now. I have to write about Cartoon Network Racing on DS and do some “hands-on” research on which brand of bleach is most lethal when ingested.

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