New Claymation Short

I’m still kind of in that satisfactory glow of finishing something, but the feeling of “fuck editing claymation forever” looms pretty heavily. This one was kind of a pain in the ass, so I took a long break from it and finally finished it tonight. It ended up being pretty wild, considering it’s just a clay short.

I guess that technically makes this the first BigWig film of 2007. Enjoy!

Boxer Assassins: Ninja Apocalypse

You may need to brighten your screen a bit, but it looks fine on my Mac.

3 thoughts on “New Claymation Short

  1. dude…i just saw this mountain dew commercial…at first i was like “whoa, is that joseph luster…DOING A DEW COMMERCIAL!” and then i realize, they might have stolen it from you. it was clay animation…much like the characters you sculpt.

  2. Daniel: I wish I could take credit for that, but it must have been accidental unless the friend that worked on it with me slipped it in!Joe: At first I assumed you meant one of the many DEW commercials I physically star in!

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