Crackdown (360): First Impressions

I meant to write this here in a more timely manner, but damnit, I had a comic to post.

The Crackdown demo dropped a few days ago on Xbox Live, and I couldn’t have been less excited, honestly. I was sort of looking forward to checking it out, but something about the early videos and screens I had seen made me write it off prematurely. I have a feeling quite a few people felt this way initially, but after thrashing through a lot of the demo (as much as the level-up time limit would allow) with a friend, I’m fully prepared to buy this damn game when it comes out.

And yes, I want the actual game and don’t really care about the Halo 3 beta testing invite that comes with the launch shipments. Though the idea of a new sandbox-style outing isn’t the most exciting prospect anymore, Crackdown has an energy and fun about it that takes it a level above most. In this one, you’re a cop with superpowers that can– as his levels of strength continue to rise– jump higher, punch harder, throw heavier objects, and generally do all the fun-with-physics-and-platforming stuff you would ever want to do in a big futuristic city.

By the end of the demo, between cracking gang member heads, I was leaping from rooftop to rooftop and flipping cars on the street with the WHAP of a single kick. Its colorful, cel-shaded coating doesn’t veer too far into the cartoon category, and ends up looking more like a comic book than anything. Even the way the city is designed is very comic book-like.

I want to play more of this game, but I don’t really want to keep sitting down with the demo only to be kicked 30 minutes after raising a couple of levels. I’ll definitely be there when this streets, though.

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