Smokin’ Aces

Just got back from this one. It’s too bad Smokin’ Aces will never survive tired comparisons to flicks by Tarantino and Ritchie, because it was really fun and ridiculous.

Jason Bateman is definitely a stand-out, though he doesn’t get a lot of screen time. I hope he has the greatest career in the world, personally, after being one of the best straight guys in comedy history on Arrested Development. But hell, I thought Ryan Reynolds was pretty rad in this too, so what do I know?

It’s nice to see a new over-the-top R hitman flick, and regardless of whether or not you find the whole concept derivative as all hell, Joe Carnahan cracked out a movie that I’d love to sneak some tall boys into if I ever see it again.

Obligatory Statement: Alicia Keys is really hot.

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