Li’l Daichi Dipshit

Just as promised before, my translation projects are finally going to be seeing light on this page. First up will be some assorted chapters of Li’l Daichi Dipshit, which notorious manga-ka duo Dudu Blaq & Dirty Earl are disturbingly excited about me scanning and translating.

To give you an idea of what you’re getting into, I’m going ahead and posting the cover of the first LDD collection, originally released in Japan in 1976 (sorry for the condition of the book, but it’s very old and rare). Some quick background: this was one of the their biggest hits and, all said, Daichi ran in the pages of Shonen Booger for 4 years before spending its last year in 1980 wallowing in the woefully unpopular pages of Sunday Haircut.

Due to the disgusting subject matter, the title was best known for outraging parents, and many Japanese that grew up at the time will recall having their manga confiscated often. But it was never banned, even though Blaq and Earl had to self-publish the collections on their own. Bile Book (pictured), Gross Stomach, and Butt went on to sell incredibly well, prompting the anthology publishers to reconsider printing their own graphic novels. Blaq and Earl refused, and so the series has mostly lived on in the hearts of its fans. While I cannot say that this is the duo’s most tasteful work, I am honored regardless to finally translate these for an American audience.

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