Day Game: King Kong (360)

It was reported somewhere at some point that I thoroughly enjoyed Peter Jackson’s King Kong flick from whatever year that was. “So why,” you rudely bellow, “did you not play the television game of the same name?” At first it was because I did not yet own an Xbox 360, and saw no reason to play an uglier version of the game at the time. Then, when I finally did buy one, the game was old and time is a fickle thing!

Seeking to remedy this, I recently borrowed the disc from a nameless street urchin bearing long, flowy locks and promises of bejeweled crowns at “half their street value.” Ignoring the other treasures (for now), I took the game home and proceeded to “solve it” yesterday. My brief afterthoughts? Michel Ancel (Rayman, Beyond Good & Evil) has done it again. King Kong is a blast from beginning to end, even though it’s incredibly short. The presentation is top notch and the action is often exciting and memorable. Movie adaptations that are even halfway decent are rare, so this game is much like the bejeweled crowns that the sexy urchin was trying to sell me!

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