X-Post: Sinbad Poll

I posted this on a forum that some of you probably can’t post at, mostly because I don’t think I’ll get many responses here. Still, it’s a very important question!

Best Sinbad Movie?

You have three choices:

• The 7th Voyage of Sinbad
• The Golden Voyage of Sinbad
• Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger

I’m sure there’s some other shit around, but I’m only interested in the ones with Ray Harryhausen effects. If, for some reason, you prefer some TV show called Sinbad 2040 or a Sci Fi original movie where he fights a mutant muskrat or some shit, then by all means, tell me; no, really, I’m listening.

I’m kind of torn. Obviously, 7th is the shit, but Golden has fucking JOHN PHILLIP LAW (Danger: Diabolik) in the lead vs. a brown-faced Tom Baker. They all have rad Harryhausen monsters, too. My nod might go to Golden Voyage again, though, if not only for the fight against Kali.

You are all required to participate!

6 thoughts on “X-Post: Sinbad Poll

  1. i’m also gonna have to go with “Golden Voyage”[though “7th Voyage” comes super close-the goat- legged Cyclops and shit! not to mention the bombass Herrmann score], for a number of reasons-JPLaw not being the least of whom. the fight with Kali is too fuckin grand …and so is Caroline Munro.only thing i remember from “Eye of the Tiger” is that motherfuckin killer wasp.-u

  2. I love 7th Voyage, but I have to go with Golden Voyage based on nostalgia alone. Plus it has the Kali fight, a centaur battling a griffin, and Caroline Munro’s cleavage. Been a long time since I watched Eye of the Tiger, is that the one with the ugly ass monkey in it?

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