Quick Thoughts: Playstation Home

My early thoughts on the Playstation Home (you might recall Sony putting the “spunky” Kotaku folk in a brief time out for breaking this news early) can be summed up by a couple cr- words.

One, it’s fucking creepy. There’s something wildly pointless and bizarre about sitting in your apartment/house and logging online to enter your TV apartment/house. This is why games like Second Life are lost on me. Virtual worlds are just like the real world, except it’s an alternate reality where a satellite-mounted laser eradicated everyone with social skills.

I’ll give it to Sony, though, they’re pretty crafty. They’ve basically taken the Phantasy Star Universe lobby and made it their hub. The only people that will enjoy this environment more than the user are game publishers’ marketing departments.

Still, it’s not crazy, Regardless of how very much this isn’t my thing, people will probably dig it. There’s some wisdom in the differences between this and what MS and Nintendo are doing, even if the surface disparities are only there to mask how similar it all is.

2 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts: Playstation Home

  1. I wonder if they sent William Gibson starts every day slamming his head against the wall for not patenting the “Metaverse”.Or is that Neal Stephenson?

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