Buy ‘Dis: Octopus Girl

In an announcement that’s news to no one, Dark Horse is putting a few of its more eccentric manga titles on hold indefinitely (read: canceled). The chief problem here, I’m sure, is that no one bought them. Now, that might not be true for some of my audience, so don’t think I’m chiding you sexy people. It is a shame nonetheless.

I really respect Dark Horse. They consistently release a lot of the darker, older and more obscure stuff. Not just horror, but gross-out manga, Kazuo Koike masculinity epics, and so on. I especially took a liking to Octopus Girl, which is on the “canned” list in that news post. Toru Yamazaki’s mid-90s serial is about a girl that can turn back and forth between human and a twisted octopus hybrid, and is as silly as it is graphic and disturbing.

For your pleasure, I have scanned a few sample pages from the first chapter (Maybe NSFW). Click to enlarge and read each page from right to left!

Sample Page One
Sample Page Two
Sample Page Three

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