On XBLA and You Giving Me Money

Xbox Live Arcade has just been madness lately, and I haven’t even bought anything. That certainly doesn’t belittle my tendencies to do so. It’s a little mind-boggling, though. After what seemed like ages of sea with no dry land in sight (does this analogy even work backwards? I don’t know), there’s suddenly a ton of crap worth buying.

Let’s see. Last week it was Worms (status: GOT IT). Then, this week, it was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ’89 (status: GOT IT), and next Wednesday is Castlevania: Symphony of the Night! (Status: GOT IT) I guess it’s officially time to start suckin’ dick… for money, that is (implying that I already suck dick for free– oooooh, I’m bad).

I will update the parenthetical stats for those of you interested in playing said television games with me in the future.

Oh, and I also rented Bullet Witch, which isn’t nearly as bad as everyone but Dave Halverson would have you believe.

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