Let’s Defend the Earth, Okay!?

OR “How Joseph Spent his 200th Post, Predictably, Talking About TV Games.”

Guess what’s coming out on 360 this month, guys. I’m typing out another sentence so you can have an extra few seconds to actually guess, so please don’t skip ahead.

Earth Defense Force 2017! As you may recall, I quite fancied its predecessor, known to Peoples of the Orient as Chikyuu Boeigun 2. As long as multiplayer isn’t jacked up, this is going to be one heck of a co-op bug blaster, and I require you all to play with me! Yes, even you. So smitten am I still with this trailer that I show it to you all. And, like myself, you may find yourself suddenly dancing and screaming quizzically to the skies once again: “As ants are killed and blown up, they’ll drop health power-ups, armor, and additional weaponry to pick up. What are they doing with such useful items?”

Crucial Update: Apparently there’s no online co-op, only local! That really blows!

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