Hello old friends, how long has it been? Because Your Master of the Internet, Joseph Luster, is indisposed at the moment you’ll be starting your day a little more handsome than usual.

Allow me to transport you back in time. Yesterday while serving time in my corporate prison, I found myself engaged in a brutal session of The Game. I’m sure you know it*. It had been years since I last played, but as any true student/teacher of this game, I slipped back into it like a priest’s finger into a child’s warm, innocent anus.

The Game began innocently enough – the first few circle spotting’s were met with giggles and delight. But as the day wore on punches became more viscous and sissies became more whiny. Debates were started over nearly every “get”. Was it a legal placement? Was it truly seen? Does the finger in the hole only negate the punch, or does it turn the tabe’s completely?

It was obvious that a hard and fast set of rules be enforced. Using the power of the Internet, and excellent resource for The Game was found. I present this to you here. Although ugly lesbians are used as demonstration models, it is a valuable document that I felt compelled to share with the JLR readership. Use it to enforce your moves, and hone your technique, or to jerk off to.

*If not, call your parents, ask them why they never loved you, then immediately kill yourself.

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