Sell it Again, Sam

No, that’s not some attempt at a “clever” post title, though I wouldn’t blame you for thinking it was one of my typically bad jokes!

“Sell it Again, Sam” is/was the name of a thrift store around here that Canaan (The Man Himself) and I used to frequent in our adolescent quest for old Star Wars toys. They also had their fair share of used TV game cassettes with the names of now-agéd children scrawled on the back.

Anywho, the original proprietor was a predictably crotchety old man. Canaan will have to back this up, but I believe he put up one of his consoles on consignment there once. Perhaps that’s another story for another day, better told from the horse’s mouth!

Speaking of horses, I’m preparing to take a break from having writer’s block to mount my very own steel-caged steed and veer it in the direction of this crumbled tomb of thriftiness to see if it still exists. If, by chance, all that remains is a heap of rubble and the broken hilts of fallen warriors, then I shall scour its ruins for some lost treasures!

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