Almost Human

Since, with the exception of Hot Fuzz, all the flicks I’ve been watching lately have been grody horror movies, I gave my rotting brain a break last night and sat down with Umberto Lenzi’s Almost Human AKA a Bunch of Other Titles.

This bad boy is essential viewing if you’ve never seen it, though I know a few of you most certainly have! Tomas Milian versus Henry Silva is one of the most erotic crime/polizia face-offs ever. I’d be really surprised if Pacino didn’t heavily study how amazing Milian is in this flick before digging into his role as Tony Montana. At least let me believe what I want to.

Almost Human is at or near the top of Lenzi’s oeuvre, and is easily one of the best polizia flicks I’ve ever seen. Oh, and fuck you guys if this reads like an Italian film segment of Reading Rainbow!

One thought on “Almost Human

  1. I fucking love me some Tomas Milian. Fulci’s Four of The Apocalypse should be required viewing for any fan of the man. …but don’t take my word for it.

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