Boss Week Begins!

Alright, here’s how this works, guys. I spend an entire week posting about nothing but video game bosses and, as in any awesome game, you get to play, too! Let me know what you want to read about and what your favorite bosses are; you can even contribute your own sexy entry by emailing something to me (contact link is on the sidebar)!

Bosses are of major importance to the structure of video games. In fact, I say a game is borderline worthless if there aren’t boss battles. What’s the point? What kind of fool didn’t leave a giant guard to defend entry into the next area of the game? Developers know this well, which is why, for instance, they spent time adding more bosses in God of War 2– there weren’t enough in the first!

This week we’ll be diving in this crucial aspect of the game world like Captain N! I leave you with some images with which you can celebrate the mother(brain) of all 16-bit boss fests: Super Metroid!

*Bosses not to scale

9 thoughts on “Boss Week Begins!

  1. Truly. One of my most vivid memories is the day you came over when I was gleefully escaping from the exploding planet at the end of Super Metroid. I think I had my mom open the door because I couldn’t pause it!

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