Fork Yes, Condemned 2!

Though I thought it to be true eventually, I’m super excited to see confirmation of a sequel to one of my very favorite game cassettes! Why do I like this game? Hell, this is the Joseph Luster Report, so I might as well pull-quote my ding dong self!

From my Got Next review:

The beauty of depending on your environment’s stock is found in the combat system. While guns are sporadically placed and found on enemies throughout, you’ll never see loose ammo, so you better check the clips and use each bullet wisely. This is mostly an excuse to exercise your skill in the meat and potatoes of Condemned: melee fighting. Ethan can tear pipes off of walls, lift loose locker doors, and slice with paper cutter blades; and this is just scratching the surface.

Condemned is exhausting, regardless of whether you’re fending off homeless lunatics or just nervously roaming claustrophobic passageways with your finger twitching on the right trigger. Thanks to a consistent atmosphere of desperation and dread, the game is almost at its best when nothing is happening at all. The sound design, especially if you have a nice surround set-up, is about as eerie as it gets; a feature that pairs perfectly with the disgustingly gorgeous visuals.

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