Boss Week: Those Damn Patterns!

There’s no exception to this rule: every boss has to have a set of patterns to its attacks. More often than not, these are designed explicitly to piss you off. Some mild offenders include “The Swoop” or “The Triple Shot.” I’m sure most of you can picture these vividly, already seething at their mere mention.

Let’s take a close look at some boss patterns that have plagued mankind since birth. These diagrams are pretty self-explanatory and, by all means, feel free to provide your own! As always, click to enlarge.

“The Ricochet”

“The Rock and the Hard Place”

“The Charge and Hop”

2 thoughts on “Boss Week: Those Damn Patterns!

  1. A little more complex is the Ultimate Attack Pattern where at certain invervals of a Boss’s life, they do a move that hurts you NO MATTER WHAT. Some examples would be Dragons breathing fire across the whole screen or a Dude shooting bullets in all directions.

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