I can say, without exaggeration, that this is the single greatest thing that Justin and I have ever recorded. This is just the first draft, so please blast this as loud as you possibly can. Hook up some speakers to your computer and let it wail. Song and lyrics below:

Note: All of the music is original. The vocals are courtesy of yours truly, while Justin rocked the keyboard, drum machine, guitar, and bass.

The Adventures of Jake Laser and Dynamite Jackson (Opening Theme)

Chorus: The Adventures of Jake Laser and Dynamite Jackson (x3)
The Adventures!

They say in outer space,
There ain’t no boundaries!
It’s just an endless ocean
Of discoveries!

Jake Laser knew this well,
As he escaped from Earth!
Running from The Moon King,
For everything it’s worth!


(Guitar Solo)

The Adventures of Jake!

9 thoughts on “Seriously, the JAKE LASER OPENING THEME!

  1. This is either a good thing or a bad thing. If this is a good thing, then you’ve managed to usher in a new renaissance age for all of mankind with your musical prowess.On the other hand, if this is a bad thing, it’s due to the fact that it’s the single most awesome thing in existence and we, as a race of intelligent beings, can’t possibly aspire to top it.Either way, this is the single most catchy theme song for a show that doesn’t exist ever.

  2. Lodged itself in my brain, then cost me both my job and marriage. Worth it. It’s a helluva start, and of course, could be made into a monster, should you all pull together as a team.

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