Opening Night: DOA

Those of you that fancy yourselves devout JLR supporters may recall the night in which I sat down to watch the DOA movie on Google Video. Shockingly, that was back in January!

Dodging what everyone on our Earth assumed was going to be a speedy DVD-only release, Yuen’s corn-fest actually managed to make it into the theaters, and everyone should rejoice!

John awaits the film with bated breath
Well, as you can see from the picture above, not everyone in Louisville was prepared to go see this epic butt kicker. This image was snapped a mere 5 minutes before show time. Some stragglers ended up pouring in after the previews, but a mid-flick walk out proved that even the mightiest of man might not be able to handle Eric Roberts and his magnificent mane.

The movie is as excellent on the big screen, nay, much more so, than it was on a small 300×500 embedded player. There is no real way to be mentally equipped for this motion picture prior to absorbing it fully, but alcohol helps.

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