Raijin Readers OR How Luster Bested Zelter

Remember Raijin Comics? While doomed from the beginning, it was a really ambitious, and initially weekly, manga anthology released by a bunch of Japanese people that refused to admit defeat, even as their ship was sinking. No, scratch that, their ship was exploding violently from its very core.

Anyway, wikipedia can give you the lowdown.

Okay, got it? Well, you may also remember that I am a huge nerd. I loved most of the comics that they ran each week, so much that I sent them one of those pointless “I love your publication!” letters, and… they printed it in Issue 24. I am sure you are jumping for joy!

But I wasn’t alone. Everyone’s favorite troll, Daniel Zelter, also appears to have shot them a letter under the guise of his handle “GATSU” – in ISSUE 31! I win this round, Zelter! Way to come LATE to the party, while I’m fashionably dressed to the nines!


6 thoughts on “Raijin Readers OR How Luster Bested Zelter

  1. Look at our lil’ man, dropping suggestions here and there. I’ve got one for you boi, stop being such a QTPIE! If you ain’t careful I’m gonna write in why I like lil’ man Zelter, the type of boi he composes himself to be, or cute dudez in general, and as a prize I’ll get Mr. Daniel with bow tied right to his little ding-dong.Your boi always,Dickhead (that’s pronounced Dee-Keed)

  2. Well, when hims is postings about letters that hims wrote on hims’s blog, hims can’t help hims’s self. How’s hims? Hims is good.Dickhead (pronounced Dee-Keep you smart ass little faggots (mmm hmmm, that’s right I said faggot))

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