Game Review: Rose & Camellia

The game in question (play it!)

Rose & Camellia is a Japanese flash-based game in which you play a broad that gets in smack fights with other broads. I don’t read jappernese, but it’s probably an argument about a doily or the color of a bedspread.

You start off in a pretty easy battle against what appears to be, for lack of better words, a bitch. By mousing across her face, you slap her, and selecting to evade and then mousing over your own mug dodges the next attack and gives you room to counter. It’s basically Mike Tyson’s Punch Out for dames.

The above screen is as far as I made it, but I’m gonna go ahead and scream for a Wii version. Maybe they could even make a plastic slap-hand attachment and sell it for $19.99!

3 thoughts on “Game Review: Rose & Camellia

  1. The “broad” is Reiko, a common born woman who is married into the Tsubakikoji family to the eldest son. But after his untimely death, the other women of the Tsubakikoji family look down at her and mock her. But the house, being her inheritance since her husband died, is refused by the other daughters and the Lady of the House of Tsubakikoji. So Reiko challenges the old bitches to a slapfight to claim what is rightfully hers. English version on:

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