Relinquish Thy Crown!

At long last, it’s come to this. Wrestling is now, just as it always was in my dreams, a battle of kings for the love of their subjects. Behold, as King Booker, in the wake of the return of HHH (AKA “The King of Kings”) charges Jerry “The King” Lawler with treason for not planting his crown at his feet and bowing to his kingliness!

3 thoughts on “Relinquish Thy Crown!

  1. remember when Macho Man Randy Savage was Macho King Randy Savage? Oh how I bowed to his might throne.I put up a new post BTW, my blog seems to be having a bit of a “traffic” problem. Perhaps the internet is broken?Great coverage on all things spectacular, a capital blog indeed Mr. Luster!

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