Gas Baby’s Colourful Theatre

Goodness, look, it’s Gas Baby! Remember him? Quick question: were everyone’s fave babe to make a full-fledged return, what would be your medium of choice?

4 thoughts on “Gas Baby’s Colourful Theatre

  1. I personally would like to see a tryptych of stain glass window murals depicting the rise, fall, and eventual revival of everyone’s favorite emaciated space-child.Upon completion, you’ll put the artistic triforce of cosmic genius up for auction, the proceeds of which will go to the foundation for the better understanding of all gas based creatures. I will win said auction, just barely beating out a monocle-endowed, mustachioed gentleman who will be acting as a surrogate bidder for a mysterious billionaire by the name of Preston Meriwether.With my newly acquired Joseph Luster original, I will form the Church of The One True Baby where the series of windows will adorn the sanctuary for all true believers to admire during their time of worship.

  2. This is what I check the internet for. I’d like you to keep doing it as normal except for the last panel, which I’d like to have tattooed to my dome. My chrome dome (wait, which dome is your wiener head?)… that one. miss you, boi.

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