Time Thriller

I’ll be honest with you, I really don’t do many “time killing” things on the internet since I don’t whittle away my days in a stuffy office. Instead, I spend them in a stuffy room filled with the kind of junk that would embarrass an eleven year-old.

With that saucy image in mind, it’s pretty apparent why Pixel Jam‘s games click with me, and why I’m miffed that I didn’t find them sooner. Actually, I’m not, because I don’t dig around for webgames ever! Why should I when I’m perpetually working three feet away from a doggone gametopia?

Pixel Jam is really rad, though. You can even control the moon man on the menu! I highly recommend Gamma Bros., first and foremost. I played it to solution last night and loved it, even if I was thinking about how much better it would be with a gamepad the whole time.

I’m also pretty smitten with Ratmaze 2, to be honest with you. I suggest popping that one on (after beating the original, duh), setting the screen to scroll and going to town on that darn cheese!

One thought on “Time Thriller

  1. Man, I can’t wait for this weeks podcast…”joseph luster’s SHITTY WEB GAME OF THE WEEEEEEEK!!!!”j/k, in all seriousness Gamma Bros is the shit and is deserving of your time.

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