Dynasty Warriors: Gundam AKA Hand-Crusher 2000

After receiving this mashup of Gundam and the AI of thousands of warring Chinamen earlier today, I played for about an hour or two and then came back to it later for maybe 30 minutes after some Call of Duty 4 beta action.

It might have been the combination of spending my day alternating between typing and beating up giant robots, but it felt like my hand was going to explode after that second round. I’m not even worried about Carpal Tunnel at this point, I’m worried about my hands rotting right before my eyes like they just took a dip in the wrong grail.

Anyway, the game is fun. I’m not big on Dynasty Warriors, but I like me some Gundam and it’s fun playing through the Zeta mode and crushing ‘bots as Camille. I remember reading some complaint about it being DW with “annoying Gundam sound bytes,” but that’s the best part! Set the audio to Jappernese and it’s like watching a really retarded version of the show that electrocutes if you don’t press the X button every .00005 seconds.

6 thoughts on “Dynasty Warriors: Gundam AKA Hand-Crusher 2000

  1. I was wondering how this faired, but initial reviews tore this one to shreds from what I could tell. I’ve been a fan of the Samurai Warriors games and am looking forwarding to trying out Warriors Orochi.

  2. I’ll definitely be getting it at some point when the price goes down. Long time DW and Gundam fan and the demo was entertaining. It should be better than any of the ps2 gundam games.

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