Streets of Fire (1984)

Walter Hill should have been given a grant by the government to ensure that he always has funding to make some rowdy rock and roll street flicks each year. I finally got a non-shattered copy of the DVD and was completely blown away. What a classic. Excellent soundtrack, great cast (Diane Lane is too hot) and a lot of straight up movie-making passion.

I was looking up lead-badass Michael Paré after the movie ended, because I haven’t really seen a ton of his movies. Well, it looks like he’s now firmly planted in Uwe Boll hell! Yay?

But the most disappointing post-film tidbit was this excerpt from the Wikipedia page:

Streets of Fire was intended to be the first in a trilogy of action films starring Michael Paré as Tom Cody. When the film was released in the summer of 1984 (after some delays), the science-fiction film magazine Starlog stated a rumor that the proposed titles of the two sequels would be The Return of Tom Cody and The Far City. However, the film’s eventual failure at the box office[2] put an end to the project.

I wonder how much the rights to this series would cost. I think Bigwig Productions could rock a helluva Tom Cody joint!

3 thoughts on “Streets of Fire (1984)

  1. Hell Yeah Mr. Luster Streets Of Fire is a fucking classic. I wish they would still make films like this today. Damn bro, thinking about it I want to see it again….I’m coming over!

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