400th Post: The Milkman Cometh

I was going to save my landmark 400th post for the special occasion of HALLOWEEN, but who really cares about that number besides me? If you’re wondering why there’s been a moderate dry spell for a couple days, it’s because I was waiting, perched with wild-eyed vigilance. Ain’t I a stinker?

But since I started this blogger page with a silly video (ha, no longer available), I thought I should commemorate it with an even sillier one. This one is tempered just right for the spooky season, though. I give you an episode of Tales from the Darkside entitled “The Milkman Cometh.”

I caught this bowl of squash on TV a few weeks ago, and it’s a real stinker doozy. Still, you’ll be hard pressed, no matter how foul it may be, to not stick around long enough to find out the “shocking” conclusion.

Gasp! As monetary troubles are solved the easy way! (part 1)

Gulp! As Robert Forster solves these compounded problems with alcohol! (part 2)

And then…

Go Home Disappointed! As the Milkman’s identity is revealed!

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