Takin’ Back The Streets

…by kissing them!

Last night’s Official Movie was William Lustig’s 1983 bite-out-of-crime epic Vigilante, starring Robert Forster and a very angry Fred “The Hammer” Williamson. Don’t forget lil’ Woody Strode, though, who makes sure to call Forster a “nigga” before the halfway mark.

If anything I would say this is a horror flick for criminals. I can only imagine watching this from the perspective of a ruffian and putting my hands over my face whenever Williamson and co. would roll out in their thug-stopper van. Even if they saw him playing in the Super Bowl in ’65, or perhaps running around the amazing futurescape of The New Barbarians, I guarantee that all they would see now is a scary, bearded black dude coming out of the shadows with a shotgun.

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