TV Series Ending Spoilers 1

Now that the writers have dropped their pens in favor of pickets, I thought I would go ahead and do the honor of ending all of my favourite shows to satisfy my own curiosity. If you have any personal requests, let me know and I’ll tell you how your most beloved series ends.

Prison Break

They break out of prison again and then get put back into prison after a lengthy chase, and then they try to break out of that prison only to find out that it’s the cube from Cube and Ice Cube is there.


Hiro wins and he fights a dinosaur and has sex with Kristin Bell.


The island ends up being Morla from The Neverending Story. It sneezes on some people and Hurley dies in its butthole. The End.

The Shield

Vic and Shane make out for 45 minutes and get married and then they spin off into The Ronnie Gardocky Show because fuck everyone else.

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