Rambo Week: It’s a Long Road

Wow, it had been at least a decade since I last watched First Blood, the riveting account of John Rambo, drifting ex-soldier, shaken up in a small town by a cop that just wouldn’t stop pushin’. It’s never a wonder why it’s one of my favorites.

For those of you whose curiosity has been piqued by my talk of receiving it on Blu-ray from Netflix, don’t get too excited. You’d do just as well to watch it on regular DVD, as the transfer isn’t really that special. Still, no matter which format you view it in, the final scene of the film is never any less astounding.

Naturally, YouTube, the low-res internet library of all video media, has rounded up these moments—moments which I’m sure many will concur are some of the best minutes Stallone has ever committed to the screen—in all their glory, up to and including Dan Hill’s somber closing tune.

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