Doomsday (2008)

Oh man, Doomsday! I don’t want to spoil anything by saying who’s the king of what, or if someone fights a knight clad in full armor, or anything like that, but I really loved most of it.

If I had any public beef with the flick, and I have no problem airing it after championing the movie pre-release, it would be with the editing style. It’s unfortunately chopped together with some pretty quick-cut moments from a bunch of angles, but I think both of Neil Marshall’s previous flicks (I haven’t seen Combat) were built with some of that, as well, so I can’t say I didn’t expect it.

I generally don’t approve of chicks punching dudes and not breaking their fists and every other bone in their body, but Rhona Mitra is a pretty great badass broad. She looks like maybe, just maybe, in the glimmer of hope’s eye, she could take a straight punch to the face and then make a wiseass remark about it. She can also do this without being like “Oh, hey, what’s up I’m a girl and I’m tough, did you notice?”

Star of the movie outside of Malcolm McDowell (who has had two huge roles in the last yearβ€”Halloween and Doomsdayβ€”the latter being the better movie): Craig Conway. I could have most definitely used some more time in his king-of-the-cannibals world. His stage show alone kind of blew my mind, and the way that he ended every scene by screaming in exasperated despair was perfect.

It’s 5:14am and I’m completely rambling at this point. After the movie, Pat and I went to a karaoke bar and it was, no joke, borderline professional singer night or something. I eventually did a duet of this Blackstreet song with an absolutely incredible singer.

Let that stew in you for a bit!

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