The Power is Yours

Okay, Doomsday has come and gone. Now it’s up to YOU to suggest the next movie for the sidebar countdown clock!

7 thoughts on “The Power is Yours

  1. In keeping up with the tradition of counting down to all flicks that fall between the “gro” and the “dy”, it has to be Midnight Meat Train.

  2. Mark beat me to it, IRON MAN ALL THE WAY. That one is quickly approaching, though, so maybe something a little further off, for good measure. SPEED RACER gets my vote for second place, but I do believe it might be even closer than Iron Man.

  3. While I was indeed going for the grodier side of things, I’m gonna go with Speed Racer, Iron Man, and Midnight Meat Train in whatever order they all come out. Or, hell, WHY NOT ALL AT ONCE?

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