Boss Week II: The Check Collectaz

Without a doubt, King Koopa is one of the most notorious villains in videogame history. He’s plagued Mario and Luigi since day one, stolen Princess Peach countless times, and has been immortalized in stone in every single castle he’s called his very own.

Still, there’s gotta be some downtime for even the biggest of hero-trouncing wigs, illustrated vividly by King Koopa’s short-lived stint as the “King of Kartoons,” a position that was surely heavily contested by the REAL King of Cartoons.

Nevertheless, Koopa boldly branded himself the master of animated film frames (and the afternoon in general), and proceeded to scurry about the town proclaiming himself as such. Could it be? Will even children tread where only eagles dare? Can our youth do what Mario AND Nintendon’t? Can your fragile psyche handle the following clip of King Koopa running around and rapping about cartoons and how great he is?

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