Remember, It’s a BigWig Production!

Some of you, nay, MANY of you may have noticed a little special touch to BigWig films that came about a few years back. Before or after the credits roll, a sudden woosh of text flies on screen, usually reading: “Remember, It’s a BigWig Production!”

Though many believe the first appearance of the “Remember” tag to have occurred during the theatrical screening of Transportal at the 2006 Louisville 48 Hour Film Project, this isn’t entirely accurate. The first known use of the tag appears in the remastered edition of Fester Fantastic.

A proud tradition begins
An entire theater was made to “remember”
But where did such a bold concept originate? Did it, much like the text itself, pop out of thin air and into the consciousness of America? No! In fact, the idea first came from a 1995 Bollywood movie, Diya Aur Toofan, which you can watch in its entirety at that link. The text in question pops up around the 2:38 mark (that’s hours, not minutes). Though I’d rather you watch the scintillating film itself, because it’s actually really awesome, here’s the title and the defining moment.

I just think this title looks cool
Oh, we never forgot!
This has truly become a key element to all BigWig Films. Why waste time pondering whether what you’re watching is authentic? We will continue to make sure you always… REMEMBER. Oh, and for a fine sampling of the many ways this staple can be varied, please refer to Wes Black’s hit, and the most recent BigWig film, Dog Sittin’ and Pants Shittin’!

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