Of Beeping and Cities

I keep neglecting to mention this on here, despite it being the most earth-shattering creation in all of 2009. Brandon Fincher (AKA Djinnocide AKA Pearl E. White The Bearded One) and I have set up a little website called BEEP CITY, which I urge you all to check out right now.

Actually, Brandon set it all up, but I promise he consulted with me throughout its formation. On those pages, you can find chiptunes in the vein of classic games created by the two of us, and even some that aren’t! In fact, we most recently put up our first third-party release by Shawnphase of Temp Sound Solutions.

So go check out some of the tunes and the NES-inspired “releases” from which they have been culled. If you’re feeling particularly bold, sign up! The site and its content will continue to grow, so get your foot in the door before we’re too big for our britches or we sell it off to someone with big bucks and a tiny, brittle heart.

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