More Like a November I Forgot!

I want to kick this off with a couple things. First, I’d like to thank everyone who checked out my NES soundtrack to The Drifting Classroom. I worked really hard on it in my spare time and I’m pleased with how it turned out. It was received really well, dare I say, across the world! In fact, even original manga artist Kazuo Umezu seemed to enjoy it.

WOW is all I have to say to that. I can’t believe he’s holding a physical copy of the album in his home, and I have to give major thanks to voidmare over at Tokyo Scum Brigade for making it happen. Totally blows me away.

I’d also like to apologize for failing on my November promises. It turned out to be a mad busy month, so I wasn’t able to commit the amount of time I would have liked to this blog. Rest assured, it is not forgotten, and it never will be so long as it exists in the ether.

I do have a new piece of art for you. Over at the Electric Ant Zine blog, they have a “I Draw Your Shit” feature, in which everyone is invited to draw the characters of others. This time around it’s Lamar Abrams’ Max Guy, from his comic Remake, which I highly recommend to everyone. It’s funny, and charming, and charmingly funny, and stupid, and awesome.

You can see my puerile contribution here, It is #9 in a lineup of really good drawings.

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