An Attack on The JLR is an Attack on America

Slowly deleting comments from this post, which has become the Pearl Harbor of blogging. Thanks, Japan, see if I ever make a soundtrack based on one of your comics again!

So 2009 is winding down, and you should expect some posts once more. However, thanks to the kaiju kommenting attack, there are some increased restrictions! I’m like TSA over here but slightly less lazy.

JoE Shieh—you might know him as That Taiwanese Dude That’s Obsessed with Lists—wants me to do some top ten nonsense, but I don’t know about that. There will definitely be some kind of recap in the near future, so keep your peepers peeled and don’t remove this blog from your RSS feed or whatever you use to browse Sandra Bullock’s The Net.

Or add it back if you already have, you filthy animals.

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