Return of the Guack

If this evening feels a bit off—as if the air has to it a crisp quality not felt since the year 2007—it might have something to do with this being the third blog entry here within one month’s time. This may not be a feat to your average day-to-day blogger, but it smacks of something that, were it indeed “so yesterday,” Hilary Duff would correctly refer to as such.

It’s actually much tougher to not maintain this site when my most recent entry contains John Hurt’s disapproving stare, a wisp-in-the-machine with shameful chains a-rattlin’.
On today’s episode I come tooting fanfare loud enough to shut that old grouch up for good. After bemoaning the digital loss of Gas Baby‘s hosting services, I was introduced to a new home for my comics. Now you can find it in its entirety (thus far!) here.
If you have never read it before I suggest you start at the beginning.

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