for some reason, mega man fan art!

I don’t draw fan art much, but a recent trip to a figure drawing class made me realize I could use some practice. What better way to practice than to draw your favorite characters in different styles? Thus I present to you two drastically different takes on Mega Man AKA Rockman AKA whatever you prefer to call him.

The first is Mega Man X sporting a power-up that would make Dr. Wily smash his beakers in frustration: Arthur’s armor from Ghosts ‘n Goblins.

Of course, it could be just as bad for Mega Man if this means one hit’ll put him in underoos only.

The next takes the loathsome Mega Man US box art and spins it in the style of mangaka Buichi Terasawa (Space Adventure Cobra). Ok, now he looks cool. And he smokes.

I have a version of this with a background over at the subhumanzoids tumblr, but I thought this one went better with this post.

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