The AV Boyz Rise(s)

Back in 2007, as a few of you may recall, I started hosting a podcast called Robotronic Dynamite. It’s now nothing more than a fart in the Internet wind, but I’m sure a few fans out there have fond memories of our boisterous game and movie discussions. Lucky for you, then, that Joe Shieh, john william, and I have recently returned to the world of audio-eroticism.

There was a long period after Robotronic Dynamite during which I swore I wouldn’t be on another podcast, especially hosting. Thankfully, those duties now fall to former RD member and Games ‘a Crackin’ host john william, who adds some bearded, Portland-based spit-shine to our sexy new podcast, The AV Boyz.

What are “AV Boyz,” you ask? Well, obviously they’re “boyz,” and the AV implies their forms are crystallized from the very essence of both audio and visual entertainment. The formats sometimes collide to create an object known as games, and at other times they coalesce into movies. They even occasionally become “books,” ancient stories told on pieces of paper that can be found in tombs, crypts, and other mysterious forbidden places.

If any of these things sound remotely interesting to you, we now have 5 episodes in the can, not including the 0 episode that started it all. Subscribe on iTunes, download or listen to it directly, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, check us out on Stitcher, and more to come! We’re spreading like STDs… SUPER TUBULAR DUDES.

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