priceless relics

Being home means there’s plenty of time to dig through crap I’ve had sitting around this house since I first emerged from its underbelly circa three decades ago. This could just as easily be called an Instagram Roundup, but I understand not everyone is bold enough to follow every single dumb thing I’m a member of.

Here are some goodies I’ve unearthed while home for the holidays. I’ll try to get more in before I vamoose to MAGFest on Thursday.


I would like to read this to you all in person, from beginning to end. For now, here are the opening two paragraphs:

He was a cop.
A good cop.


Jeff Rovin was the expert on everything back in the day, including but obviously not limited to The Simpsons. Unfortunately for Rovin, his guide would forever remain unofficial, thus offering children like myself an entire book on The Simpsons with nary a single image of the characters.


This is the kind of stuff Rovin was really good for. If you had any of his How to Win at Nintendo Games books, you no doubt won at Nintendo games. You prob both owned them and owned them, if you catch my dual meaning.


Diehard Gamefan magazine was rad. It was also the source of much unnecessary hype and overspending amongst me and select peers. Above is one of many results: Shining Force III on Sega Saturn. Yes, I have a Saturn, and sure I could play imports. But can I read enough Japanese to play a strategy RPG? Uh, no, dude.


One of the best parts about being back home is going to sleep watching TV. I don’t have cable in my room in my apartment. Except wait, the cable no longer works in my room at home either, so it’s up to my trusty ‘n crusty VCR to play klassik kassettes like the one pictured above.


Whoa! Or should I say, “HA!” The only person who could possibly appreciate the above embarrassment of riches more than me would have to be…



screenshot_3826And so I ended 2012 by giving birth to Baby New Year. Good night.

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